Our Adventures In SEO

As you can imagine, the National Center of Law does not get a lot of traffic from ordinary citizens.  We get a few hits each day from practicing attorneys and a lot of visits from law students asking if they can assist us in their spare time.  We appreciate all of the help that has been offered and were really looking for a way to gather more attention from those interested in helping us with our needs assessment.  As such today we are going to be talking about our upcoming Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign and strategies!

While nobody here at the National Center of Law specializes in SEO, we are quite capable of trying to figure things out.  During our research we stumbled across many different techniques including on page, and off page SEO, white hat and black hat SEO, link building, article writing, and even some Pay Per Click (PPC).  While we are a legit organization so we know that black hat SEO is not something we would ever partake in.  Reading about it, we learned about how it could hurt us down the line and give us major penalties with the search engines.

Penalties that search engines have put out include those from Panda and Penguin both released by Google.  When sites get hit with these penalties, it can take months and sometimes years for them to recover.  We are not some churn and burn type of site that would benefit from any type of tactic that could bring on a long term penalty.  As such, we decided to focus more on our on page content as well as building quality links to our site.

We hope that we will start to see an improvement in the near future by focusing on a more SEO optimized website.

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