How To Design High Quality Business Cards

Learn how to create stunning high quality business cards that will not cost a fortune.  Developing cheap business cards does not mean that they need to be plain looking.

We at the National Center of Law recently decided to take on a new challenge.  We wanted to cut costs for our non-profit organization and started looking around the office for things that we could potentially do more efficiently.  We began with simple things such as forcing our printers to print on both sides of a page of paper which greatly reduced our office paper costs and carbon footprint.  We then noticed everyone in the office had a business card.  When looking at how much our vendor had been charging us for simple plain black and white business cards we were shocked.

We began doing a bit of research and realized that we could easily have our intern design and develop high quality business cards using free business card templates available on the Internet.   We obtained a free graphic editor called GIMP and loaded it up on our intern’s computer.  Within about an hour of learning the software and using various business card templates our intern had created a few high end designs for business cards that we could present to management.  Before we scheduled our meeting with the decision makers though, we still needed to do a bit more research to ensure we could cut some costs by using these newly developed designs.

We reviewed some articles on obtaining cheap business cards using our newly designed template files.  It turns out we found a bunch of online printing companies that would be able to use our own files to create business cards.  Getting quotes from these online vendors was simple and only took a matter of minutes.  We also learned our local brick and mortar office supply stores were able to print our custom business cards as well.  While they were a little more expensive compared to the online retailers we did have the convenience of a same day turn around time with them.  We also learned that if our company wanted to invest in the right equipment, we could really save some money in the long term by printing our own business cards.  We would need to invest in a high end printer and some good card stock paper though.

We took our findings to management and reviewed all of the options on how we could reduce costs by creating cheap business cards that were of higher quality than our current black and white ones.  We broke down the costs of online retailers, brick and mortar stores, and printing our own cards.  We also discussed the pros and cons of each option.  As we are in the law profession and not the business of printing business cards, management did not want to invest our time and resources into purchasing the equipment to print our own cards.  They did however like the idea of using online retailers who could print high end business cards at a much lower cost than our current supplier.  We reviewed the various designs our intern had created and selected one that would be used for the organization as a whole.

I’m proud to say that by researching how to create cheap business cards that are definitely more noticeable than our previous plain looking ones has helped us generate more business and reduce costs.  Our business cards now have various colors and have content on both the front and back of the card.  The information we provide on the back has generated us a lot more leads since we switched from our original business card which just had a person’s name, title, and contact information printed in black on a white business card.  Take a look at the video below to see how a high quality business card will stand out from all of the plain white card stock ones that most people use on a day to day basis.