Our SEO Adventure Update!

Take a trip with us down the rabbit hole of Search Engine Optimization.  We are trying to get more people to assist us with out needs assessment and in order to do so we are hoping to attract more people with the help of good SEO on our site.

ncl-needs-assessment-seoOk…so we did not have much luck generating any new traffic.  Our metrics looked pretty similar to what you would expect from a day to day view of our traffic.  It’s only been about a week so far so we can not be totally discouraged yet as Search Engine Optimization can take months to have an effect sometimes.  Some of the staff here decided to do a little more SEO homework and started taking some courses and visiting forums such as Warrior Forum.

The Warrior Forum actually has tons of content from people who have a lot of experience in the world of SEO and Internet Marketing.  We’ve been going over some great threads as well as perusing through the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) area.  We found a few WSO products on SEO and decided to make a small investment to see if the information could benefit our SEO campaign.  Honestly, a lot of what we found in the WSO products could not live up to the hype.  Most of the information was already available on the forum just by reading the threads.

Doing additional research I found an SEO professional by the name of Alex Becker.  He runs an SEO sight called Source Wave and gives away SEO training for free in video format.  I spent about 3 hours on his site and was blown away by the quality of his videos and the way he delivers his training.  Most of the video courses I had seen prior to visiting Source Wave were boring and not very informative.  The videos that Alex Becker released were actually interesting and entertaining.  Their was not a lot of fluff or rehashed information which was awesome!

I did some more research on Alex Becker and found that he had released SEO training material in the past.  While SEO Omega was released a little while back, I was not sure if it would be relevant today as SEO is constantly evolving.  I found he is releasing a new product called Source Phoenix early next month.  In this Source Phoenix review, I found the course will focus on SEO, and how people can make money with the new skills.  I’m primarily interested in just the first module which can supposedly take anyone from an SEO beginner to an expert.  While making money with the SEO skills would be a nice side benefit, we are really only interested in attracting more visitors to help us with our assessment here.  I’ll definitely be checking out Source Phoenix when it gets released in November though!  Will update after I have been through the course!

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  • don wilson says:

    Looks like you are asking for help in doing your own needs assessment, and while we are here please buy business cards. I came looking for an NCL needsassessment for determining levels of service for the elderly.
    no luck here…

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